A long time ago

Two Step Slumber from Portland, Oregon played a dark blend of americana/folk-rock.

Consisting of two members: Jake Russell, who belted out vocals in a deep-rooted mournful intensity & hammered away at his dreadnaught getting the biggest sound possible and Brent Greiwe, a multi-instrumentalist who added the right amout textures and melodies to bring the songs out of the darkness to grasp for hope.

Thoughts on life
Transcend – each thought drips with possibilities A simple choice – multiplied bombarding like hail
Missed some – hope they come back around, then again
Such is life – life is such a game but we take it seriously
Search now – one foot down let the other follow suit
Glued in place – your never moving to the next, always wandering never moving
Head in clouds – all this hypocrisy in reality
Journey on – if you loose a leg grab a stick and make a cain
Coming ‘round – a circle for a symbol, a statement for a god
Making sense – rambling scrambling words into a weapon
Into – emergent never stopping, can’t think you have the root
Coming ‘round – maybe it could be maybe we’ll all be suprised
Enjoy it, embrace this, let the pain caress
Hush Tones
Speak to me in silent hushed tones
Sepia lullabies, low buzzing drones
Filled with these questions and longings of old
Stained in a mystery and stories untold
Speak in a blood voice, piercing deep
Dance with life on the graves, the graves where we sleep
Silence the song of that hollow heart symphony
Replace it with the song of new life epiphany
Missouri Storm
Oh, the raindrops feel wicked on my forehead
Oh, the beauty in a pale green sky
Oh the wind sends whispers of freedom
Oh, flash the lightning again
I swear I saw fire beside me,
I know I saw lightning strike here
Oh, I see a cyclone coming for me
Oh, no I think I see three
They say it’s the fingers of God and I don’t blame him
For destroying this land, we’re doing anyway
I swear I saw fire beside me
I know I saw lightning strike hear
I felt a fire growing inside me
I know I felt lightning strike hear
Oh, the floodwaters are coming
But how can that be, my home is built on a hill
Oh, how the wind howls, I run as a tree falls beside me
Look how it’s brothers dance so violently
I swear I saw fire beside me
A gust of wind tried to take me away
I saw a ghost standing beside me
Saying, wait one day, my son, I’ll take you away
Dark Waltz
Play the bones of old men tales, Open your head to the scars that they share
Hell has no fire but a passionate flare, Never quenched, walk with obsessed stares
Claw marks on my heart, Cob-webbed voice gets its start
Snares and snake pits of that deadly silence Snagged my first steps as pride sparked
Crossbones and skulls filled with a symphony of angels with voices of fire
Black smoke rises from the ashes of self, burned away by a blue holy fire
Is there love purpose in blood shed or love in that cut wrist
Break the legs of independence and death
We walk in a garden cut off from the black souls
That dance a dark waltz on their graves
The Theory
Grab the lips, make a fist, horn in hand, tighten grip
One exhale, inward breath, preach the dark, you teach us death
Take it in, all you can, question all, now let’s begin
Deconstruct till it’s right, with failure to commit with might
Grab the lips, make a fist, horn in hand, tighten grip
One exhale, inward breath, preach the dark, you teach us death
Down we go, you take the lead, turn away all but your greed
Self-indulge, till it’s right, numb yourself, numb yourself
You’ve got what figured out again?
Don’t twist my tongue, don’t pull a fist,
No hammer struck, don’t pull a fist
You are you and I am done, only beginnings seem like such fun
Since you travel down this way, no rest for progress, not today
Remember the inward reflection, remember poor translation
Here and now so relevant, here we are w/ time well spent
Into you but out of place
You’ve freed yourself, you’ve freed yourself
You’ve got what figured out again?
The Great Spinner
Who knows you, the well of hate, the dark behind your eyes
Slithering down mindscapes, cracking hammers in disguise
Spinning webs of wickedness, trapping light in lies
Playing like a god with words, believing you shall rise
Sit upon that throne of stone, wielding that great sword
Ride upon your steed of bones, naked and so cold
Deep inside your darken cave, corpses you have near
Oh, you child with whipping scars, screams and claws for light
Spin, Great Spinner!
Your blade of trust still is seen living in the backs
Of Lovers and brothers from a history in lack
Redemption is calling from a voice that stays unseen
Salvation, a riddle still, is rising from you screams
Spin, Great Spinner!